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One-to-One Coaching

Success Strategy Sessions

Success Strategy Sessions give you a springboard to work on success mindset, private practice start-up and facebook marketing. They offer you a one-hour intensive focus on the issue that is important to you to help you overcome the obstacle and just do it

  • You complete the pre-session questionnaire to get clear on what your main focus will be

  • We meet for a 60-minute video call

  • We explore thoughts, brainstorm ideas and challenge the negative self-talk and obstacles that are keeping you stuck and standing in the way of your success

  • You leave with a realistic action plan of what you can do to become unstuck and move forward.

Investment: £95 per session

To book: contact me to arrange your date and for payment information

Photo credit Jared Rendell on Pixabay

Photo credit Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

“It just built up my confidence to feel like a competent private practitioner. Broke down a lot of my concerns.”

“... it gave me some focus and clarity about where I was at and where I wanted to get to”

Steps to Success Programme participant

"“I became fixed about the idea I couldn't have a Facebook page, but you gently challenged and looked at what was behind that and addressed how to handle my concerns."

Katrina Johnson, KJ Counselling, Programme  participant

Steps To Success Programme

A 3 month deep-dive programme to build firm foundations for your dream private practice, whatever that looks like.

  • We'll start where you are, envision where you want to be, and work together on building the private practice you want to achieve.

  • We'll meet fortnightly to work on building your dream practice ~ from creating the practical foundations of your practice, to achieving goals, building your success mindset, and feeling confident in your marketing.

  • Support and accountability check-ins throughout the three-month programme to help you stay focused, tackle self-doubt and imposter syndrome so you can achieve your goals.


Contact me to arrange a 30 minute discovery call to find out more.

Format: Six 1-hour video sessions together with between-session exercises and action plans to help you move you forward, with some accountability nudges on the way.

Your Investment: £650

To book: contact me to arrange your 30-minute discovery call to find out how Steps to Success can help you create the practice of your dreams.


Successful Private Practice 

**Next date - Saturday 20th April 2024 ~ in-person in Falkirk**

Going into private practice can feel like a huge leap of faith and the thought of starting a business can be overwhelming. This workshop covers:

Strong foundations ~ the practicalities of how to get started and what you need to have in place to create a strong foundation for your practice.

Success mindset ~ what stands in your way of achieving your dream? We'll work on breaking down the barriers and overcoming the negative self-talk that stands in the way of your success.

Visibility ~ we'll look at ways to put yourself out there in the world by marketing your practice in a way that feels comfortable, and helps demystify therapy for potential clients without breaching confidentiality boundaries.

Format: In-person & online, full-day

Investment: £85

Contact me to express your interest or to find out more from my blog.

Photo credit: William Iven on Unsplash

"I really enjoyed it particularly because it was largely person centred. Some really useful tips."

VF, workshop participant

"Fantastic and uplifting"

LH, workshop participant

Photo credit: William Iven on Unsplash

“My Facebook page was the biggest thing and getting more confident at what posts to write, how to engage. Loved this. Definitely your thing!”

Katrina  Johnson, KJ Counselling

"I attended a webinar Tonia ran on marketing your facebook page and contacted her afterwards to ask for some more specific help. She was very generous with her time and knowledge in this area. She has clearly made a success of using Facebook to market her private practice and genuinely cares about helping other people to do the same."

Charlotte Clements,  Charlotte Clements Counselling

Facebook Marketing workshops

So many therapists are afraid to use Facebook as a marketing tool to get themselves known, and that’s a real shame. I credit Facebook with being the most helpful online marketing tool for growing my practice when in the early days. I regularly attract clients through my private practice Facebook page When I started my practice on a tight budget it it really helped me to get myself known and reach potential clients.


In these workshops I share what’s worked for me and we explore how you can make Facebook work for you in marketing your practice, including:

  • Having online visibility while still maintaining confidentiality and being ethical

  • What you can post without being pushy and ‘salesy’

  • How to show the human behind the therapist

Format: Online, 2-hours

Investment: £50 per workshop

Check back here for future dates and updates, or contact me.

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