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Please allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Tonia Higgins of Tranquillo Counselling and Tranquillo Coaching. I’m a counsellor, supervisor, coach, facilitator and trainer, working with fellow therapists to help develop and grow their private practices. 


Since I began my counselling training I knew my ultimate goal was to be a therapist in full-time private practice. Being my own boss, making my own rules and having the flexibility to fit my work around my family life is important to me. I qualified, and set myself a realistic five year deadline to become fully self-employed. Three and a half years later I was able to resign from my part-time counselling job and become a full-time private practitioner. I’ve never looked back!


I’ve now built my practice to include supervision, coaching, training and group facilitation, giving me lots of ways to use my skills and earn a living. I love to help other therapists do this too.

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How do I help therapists like you?

“People should decide what success means for them and not be distracted by others definitions of success”

Tony Levin

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I can help you create your success, your way by building your dream practice. I believe that every one of us can define our own unique version of success. And I believe that when you embrace that you can really invest in making that success happen. 


I can help you envision your success and be your coach, cheerleader and accountability on your journey to get there. Maybe your success is earning a full-time living from counselling in private practice that gives you flexibility to work around family commitments. Maybe it’s attracting your first paying clients after years of volunteering as a counsellor. Maybe it’s having a part-time practice alongside your part-time job so you can comfortably meet your financial needs. Or maybe success would be a part-time practice that gives you ‘honey money’ to fund treats, holidays and ‘nice things’ for you and the ones you love.  All of these scenarios (and more!) are success, and any of them can happen when you believe in yourself and commit to achieving them. And when your ambitions change, so can the shape of your practice. You can be the master of your own destiny.


In our coaching relationship we’ll navigate practicalities, mindset wobbles, setbacks and achievements together. We’ll dig into problems, dilemmas and questions that are holding you back. We can work on your visibility - how you can become more well-known through using social media and other marketing channels - and help create and develop your success mindset.

Why do I do what I do?

“Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement”

Golda Meir

I am passionate about therapy and the benefits that it brings our clients, and shout from the rooftops about it being the ultimate form of selfcare.  But during my life as a therapist I have also seen how many of us feel undervalued by systems that make us believe that we should work for free and that don’t pay professional salaries for our professional work. 


I see how therapists become despondent and lose confidence, believing that they can’t charge for the good work they do. I know this isn’t true, and I also know that getting to that point can feel like a huge leap of faith. I love to help therapists  recognise their value and take that leap of faith towards growing their earnings and their confidence.


Photo credit: Darold Pinnock on Unsplash

“I have already  recommended you. I think the beauty of person centred therapists is the non judgemental aspect of it and you certainly were that. I never felt there was anything I couldn't ask. You also were exceptionally respectful of the fact I already was very skilled and experienced and utilised that.”

Katrina Johnson, KJ Counselling

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