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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are coaching sessions held?

Due to current COVID restrictions sessions will be held in my online coaching room. Instructions on how to access the room will be sent to you before your session. I use a platform called for online meetings. When we are able to be back in groups and in a room together face-to-face workshops will also be possible.

Can your coaching and workshops  help  newly qualified therapists?

Yes, this coaching can help any therapist who wants to start or grow their private practice. It does not, of course, take the place of supervision.

Who are your services for?

I work mainly with 'talking therapists' - counsellors, psychotherapists, CBT practitoners, etc who work within the ethical framework of a membership body such as BACP, COSCA, NCS or similar. However, if you are a therapist of another kind, and you feel you have connected with what I can offer please do get in touch and we can talk about how we might work together.

I've been told that I shouldn't use Facebook  to market myself to clients. Is it ok to do that?

Yes! providing you work within the boundaries of your ethical framework, you know what you are comfortable with, and have considered your own personal ethics and boundaries there is no reason why you can't use Facebook to market your practice. Many therapists do, with good results.

How many people can attend each of your courses/workshops?

At the moment I prefer to keep groups small, so expect groups of up to 12 people.

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